When two kindred spirits come together, amazing things can happen. Beautiful things. Things that bring people together in His name. Amazing things, like valuable resources for Christian women, can be born!


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Before I share about this “amazing thing”, let me tell you the backstory.


As a ministry founder and blogger, you frequently “bump” into others with a similar passion. You meet them in Facebook groups, online courses and other places that online business owners “hang out” to learn more about the latest trends in digital marketing and ministry. 


For about a year, Diane Ferreira and Sue Nelson were traveling in the same circles. They were, without knowing each other, sharing each other’s pins and commenting on each other’s posts.


They respected the work of the other, but hadn’t had the opportunity to meet.


Then, through God’s amazing intervention, they ended up in a small mastermind of sorts together. It didn’t take long for Diane and Sue to realize that they had so much in common:


  • a heart for teaching other’s about the Bible and drawing people closer to Him


  • enthusiasm for learning more about God’s Word


  • desire for greater fellowship among Christian women


  • a deep interest in the Jewish roots of Christianity


  • passion for using creativity in worship


  • they were both moms and grandmoms


  • they both had dogs that they loved, but who challenged them


  • hilarious husbands who supported everything they did


  • they were both visionaries with more ideas than time


  • they both lived in the country and owned chickens


  • they each suffered from debilitating arthritis of the back


  • they were both raised in a Catholic church but left to find a church that fit them and their beliefs better


  • both lead small groups at their respective churches


  • both hail from the Northeast



They also realized what they didn’t have in common:


  • Diane had a talent and eye for design


  • Sue had experience in certain aspects of digital marketing


  • Diane was a Messianic Jew with deep knowledge of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith


  • Sue had a passion for and experience in teaching art


So, Diane and Sue became fast friends. They began to talk weekly about life, marriage, parenting, ministry and business. They laughed and commiserated. They shared and encouraged. 


They got to know each other even better. 


Diane is a wife and mom, a grandmom, a Jewish believer in Jesus and a blogger.


She lives in the Northeast on a mini-farm and loves crafts of most types including sewing, quilting, crochet or making t-shirts and tumblers! Diane is also an avid amateur genealogist and loves to research her family history. She is also a die-hard New England Patriots fan (but don’t hold that against her!) and a NY Rangers fan since the age of 14!


What makes her even more incredible is her passion for teaching. She loves to teach blogging and online business as well as Bible study and the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. She finds that connecting the Christian faith to our Jewish roots allows us to experience God and Jesus (Yeshua) and the Word in a much deeper, richer way. Knowing the original language helps bring scripture to life and she loves sharing that knowledge!


Sue is a wife, mom, stepmom and Mimi. She is also a Christian author, speaker and creative who has a passion for helping other grow closer to God through Bible study and creative worship. Sue lives in rural Northcentral Missouri (by way of New Jersey) and is a die-hard NY Yankee and NY Giants fan. She is a self-confessed coffee snob and loves reading and creating with paper, paint and anything else she can find.


Sue has three dogs, five cats and a smattering of chickens. 


The more they got to know each other, the more they realized that their similarities and difference complemented each other so well.

Resources for Christian Women

During one of their regular video chats, an idea was born. What if they combined each of their talents to provide valuable resources for Christian women while also providing fellowship?


  • What if Diane shared messianic teachings, Sabbath reading devotions and Hebrew study for others interested in the Jewish roots of the faith?


  • What if Sue taught a new Bible journaling technique every month?


  • What if they brought together their collective Bible study techniques and shared them?


  • What if they incorporated verse mapping and inductive study?


  • What if they created new monthly printables for members to grow in their walk with God?


  • What if they curated amazing playlists each month that connected the monthly Bible study topic?


  • What if they wrote meaningful devotions to share through writing and video?


  • What if they developed an incredible monthly Bible study guide for women to dive deeper into God’s Word?


  • What if they brought together Christian women for fellowship and prayer?


  • What if they put all of this in one place for one affordable price for women to grow in faith?


  • What if they created a virtual subscription box for Christian women?


The more they talked, the more excited they became. But, what would they call this fantastic virtual subscription box, these valuable resources for Christian women?




They would call it WOW because we are Women of Worth. We are God’s WoW!  


He loves us, His daughters, and He cherishes us. He desires for us to be in fellowship with Him and others.


He longs for us to drink in His Word.


He is proud of the masterpiece He created – us.


So that is the story of how two like-minded women came together to create something amazing. Something just for you! Resources for Christian women like you, longing to grow closer to her Heavenly Father.

You can learn more about this amazing new virtual subscription box and get on the waiting list for the launch by clicking the button below!


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